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Sqirl is a software built for lenders.

Sqirl is a backend software solution that empowers your financial institution to make faster and smarter small business lending decisions.

We do this by streamlining and digitizing the entire end to end process for both the lender and applicant resulting in:

1. Small business lower credit losses leading to enhanced return on capital
2. Increasing lending volume leading to improved net income and ROE year over year

Sqirl API

The world's fastest way to obtain your clients information – We make life easy for your institution and your clients simultaneously. We use API technology to pull all forms of information from multiple data sources so that the applicant does not have to submit any hard copies in person.

Sqirl Algorithm

Our algorithm does what you currently do in a fraction of the time with more accuracy – Our system can adjudicate a loan 100 times faster than current methods can. Our machine’s intelligence enables it to read and weigh the applicants’ essential information for a small business loan, determine the applicant’s bankability and recommend a decision. Over time, the estimates become even more accurate via machine learning.

Machine Learning

Machine learning will change who you lend money to – Our fully trained, built from the ground up - machine learning module allows us to learn from our history. Our system is ready on day 1 to help bring delinquency and default rates down to record lows.

Sqirl Software

Managing funding and repayment as all aspects of the loan can be monitored by both the lender and the borrower using a robust online dashboard. This makes it simple for customers to receive funds, make repayments and reapply for future loans and for the lenders to issue funds and ensure compliance with government rules and regulations all from a single page. Reporting/compliance management is made easy too with our simple click-move feature. Every step of the lending process is recorded and documented for easy report generation and audit trail.
Sqirl Capital Ltd


White Label

Sqirl is a back office solution. Your company using our technology, but to the customer, it is your technology. Your rules. Nothing changes.

Easy Deployment & Access

Getting a new system installed at your bank is tough. Not with Sqirl. We use a deployment method that meshes easily with your legacy software systems, making your jump to digital seamless and easy.

Reach Digital Customers

The world has gone mobile. In person applications using paper is dead. Sqirl is the future. Reach your target customers where they are; online.
Sqirl Capital Ltd