Secure file transfer for the modern financial institution

Your customers deserve a transparent and simple application process.
Using Sqirl API technology, customer do not have to apply in person any longer - bypassing the hassle of spending time going in person. Everything can be done online; with the same level of security for your institution and the convenience of utilizing Sqirl’s service at your own leisure.
Onboarding applicants through the institution’s existing portal, or one created by Sqirl. We use API technology to pull information from a multiplicity of unique data sources so that the applicant does not have to submit any hard copies.

It is as simple as click and authorize. No more in person. No more hardcopy. Improved security. It is as simple as that.

Made for Financial Institutions.

Our API technology makes it easier for companies to apply for a loan at your institution by applying from their place of work and not your chapter’s office.

Everything, immediately.

Our API’s can connect into almost any accounting, POS and e-commerce application to extract the data necessary to enact an accurate loan. With a specialty in the new online technologies powering small business in the 21st century, Sqirl ensures it's a leader in new age technology.

Helping predict the future.

The payback period on a loan sometimes can take up to months. Our system can update your financial institution to the minute. Has your client paid back their loan? Have they increased assets? Decreased outstanding debt? Your staff will know as it happens.

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