Let's Get Intelligent.

Adjudicating a loan should not take longer than a few hours. However, with new business models, and new information, it makes adjudication for financial institutions a lengthy hassle.

Made for Adjudicators

Adjudicating the applications using a proprietary algorithm. Our machine’s intelligence enables it to read and weigh the essential information, determine a credit score and recommend a decision.

Immediate, efficient.

Our system can do in seconds something that takes a human underwriter days to do, and they alone decide the future of a loan application - leaving a margin for human error. The API access to financial data takes a few seconds to load, giving the financial institution comprehensive access to all the relevant financial data immediately, going beyond what a human underwriter can do.

All the information

Our application of financial data makes us more accurate than current institutions are. By using new age API's and Data scraping methods, the financial health of an applicant has never been more thorough and efficient.

Adaptive, transformative.

Every application is based off the same principles, so as the inputs change, the tests inputs go through are always the same. This allows any institution to know they are getting the best applicants, along with the money they deserve.

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