Comprehensive, easy to report

Reporting/compliance management is made easy. Our simple click-move feature makes it easy. Every step of the lending process is recorded and documented for easy report generation both internally and externally for the regulators. A full audit trail is maintained at all times.

Report ready.

A few clicks and all the reports are organized and ready to be submitted. Reporting is simplified using our system.

Security first.

Our system allows for information to be reported to the powers that be in a safe and secure manner. We respect the confidentiality of the applicant and the financial institution always. Sqirl’s top priority is ensuring that all data is kept private and secure.

Request, review, submit.

Compliance review for an application is enhanced using our system. The tedious nature of confirming if an applicant is compliant to the rules of the government is made easy using Sqirl. Additionally, financial institution compliance and reporting is made easier as well when looking at the entire book of loans by a financial institution.

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