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Our product is a backend software white labeled for your financial institution. This means that clients will see your logo and brand identity- allowing you to control the success and image of your business. We deal directly with the management, calculations and administration of our cloud based software all to help your business compete in this banking future. Essentially, we make the process very easy.

Knowledge is power

Your customers deserve a transparent and simple application process.

The more information your financial institution knows about your clients, the result will be better long-term decisions that your financial institution can make on a loan application. While at the same time, the more an applicant knows about their application, the better the experience is which increases the likelihood of them becoming repeat customers. The experience of Sqirl’s powerful software adds revolutionary cost and time saving to your financial institution, while giving your customers a more streamlined experience simultaneously.

Modern styling

A beautiful user interface will allow your financial institution to enter the 21st century will an awe-inspiring design that will leave your clients with a sense of ease when interacting with your institution, by streamlining the entire process online benefiting both parties.


Secure file transfer for the modern financial institution

Sqirl’s software manages the upload and understanding of your clients documents. The Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine will allow you to quickly and easily read in any document that you require. The OCR facilitates immediate access to the important information and can be included in the decision engine. 

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