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SQIRL is first and foremost a FINTECH innovator. We believe in a world where banking is as easy as breathing, where financial products work for you to improve your day-to-day lives. Banking should be simple, it should be quick, it should be enjoyable. We here at SQIRL are building products that will shape the new financial world.


The Financial Passport – FINPASS – is a global identity verification and financial history record powered by the blockchain. Take control of your data, and who get’s to use it. FINPASS empowers you to earn more from giving banks access to your financial information. Learn more: getfinpass.com

ALT-A Income Verification

The ALT-A Income Verification product is designed to assist business for self mortgage providers by giving them confidence and surety that the business supporting the applicants mortgage is in a good and healthy financial position. Verify the applicants claimed income with the ALT-A Solution by SQIRL.

If banks cannot truly be customer intimate, they are doomed to be just dumb commodities, acting behind the scenes, like utilities

JP Nicols - COO Innosect

Technology for people

As technology continues to forge pivotal changes in banking, it is also offering banks a perfect, though small and closing, window to a thriving digital future.

Now is not the time to wait and see what happens. Banks can direct today’s technology innovation to shape the industry, their workforce and their partnerships in ways that find value in the disruption and deepen their role in consumers’ lives.
Understanding the ever changing space that is the financial sector is pivotal to providing financial institutions with the best available solutions to meet their needs. The SQIRL team is comprised of experts, and best-in-class developers to ensure we are always ahead of the curve.
SQIRL utilizes the latest in what is available when designing the products of the future. Technology enables a world where consumers expect to complete their banking from the comfort of their couch. Technology is driving customer behavior and demanding change.
SQIRL is constantly learning, growing and adjusting to meet the needs of our clients. New technologies and customer expectations enter the financial sector every day. Understanding how to best position your technology offering to meet these demands will define success.

Meet the team

The Sqirl team all share the same vision of changing how the world interacts with their home bank.
Kyle Boyko
Andre Wills
Chief Systems Architect
Robert French
Technology and Blockchain
Vitaly Kontishev
International Business & Banking
Paul Rawlinson
Financial Risk & Compliance
David Moody
International Business & Banking
Robin Dinesh
Market Analyst
Marius Royal
Market Analyst

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